Want to bring a bit of glamour into your home?

This is how you integrate Art Deco into your house.

Are you looking to get away from the sleek, modern interior and instead want to add a dash of glamour to your interior? Then definitely choose Art Deco, an art movement that flourished at the start of 1910 and is still as trendy as ever today. This interior design trend is characterised by the use of daring colours, geometric shapes and lush motifs. And we’re totally in love with these Gatsby vibes!

But how to best integrate these striking patterns into your home? For anyone looking to take an extra step with Art Deco beyond the use of fabrics and accessories, wallpaper is the ideal solution.

Thanks to the Paste-The-Wall technique, Grandeco wallpaper is easier to apply than ever, allowing you to give your interior a full make-over in no time at all. We'll provide you with some tips on how to best integrate the Art Deco style, and introduce you to our newest Art Deco style wallpaper.

Bold colour palette

A rich colour paletteis clearly a feature of Art Deco. For example, purple, blue, yellow, green and gold hues are absolute winners. For a more current interpretation, you're best off sticking to the trendy colours teal, black and beige with a hint of gold.

This black and gold vintage wallpaper is illuminated by a dazzling gold touch, adding an element of old world drama that we can’t get enough of.

Geometric shapes

Beside striking colours, geometric shapes are part of the Art Deco style was well. These shapes have a surprising effect on your interior. Continue the tone of this style in your home by choosing wall covering with geometric patterns.

A complex pattern of lines and swirls, this teal-gold geometric wall design is anything but understated.

Organic shapes

Art Deco is all about high contrast and drama, but the style also praises organic shapes. Choose abstracted elegant round shapes for your interior.

One of the most well-known shapes from the Art Deco era, developed here as a modern and contemporary blue-and-silver wallpaper

Sleek lines on a subtle pattern

Lastly, you can always opt for sleek lines if you want to give your interior a look inspired by the 1920s.  You can keep things calm by choosing a subtle pattern. Or add to it with striking accessories like pillows and a rug to further immerse yourself in the style.

If you want to give Art Deco a try, but don't want to go too over-the-top, opt for this traditional retro grey-and-gold pattern.