How do you choose the right wallpaper?

A combination of style, space and atmosphere

Wallpapering is turned into an easy job with the Grandeco collections. But choosing the appropriate wallpaper often requires a bit more thinking. The best result is achieved by combining your personal style, the function of the room and the atmosphere you want to achieve. Are you still in doubt? Then we have a few tips for you:

1. Determine your decoration style

The Grandeco collections offer you wallpaper for every taste and interior. Do you like classic? Then choose elegant wallpaper in beige, grey or blue colours and combine with stylish patterns, such as stripes or flowers. Romantic wallpaper with flowers or birds also brightens up a rural home.

In a modern interior, wallpaper with pastel colours fits beautifully. Do you dare to go for a striking design with lots of colour? Then get a special eye-catcher in your home by choosing photo wallpaper.

Wallpaper with a concrete look or stone design is an ideal match in a home with an industrial or vintage style. If you want a retro twist in your home, you can work with geometric patterns in yellow, orange, brown or a mix of these colours. Note: in a contemporary home, rather choose fine, subtle accents and create a special corner with them.

Don't you have a distinct interior design style? Then choose wallpaper with a beautiful texture and create a stylish space with depth.

2. Have a look at your space

Is your decoration style clear? Then look at the space you want to wallpaper and think about the effect you want to achieve.

Calm and openness are achieved when you wallpaper one or two walls with the same pattern. Complete your other walls with a plain or semi-plain. These are specially designed to match our designs and provide structure and depth without your room losing its fresh look.

If you wish to make a statement, you can do it with an accent wall. Thanks to the introduction of digital printing, it is possible to create extra-large patterns or lifelike and life-sized images. They are great mood creators in your home.

If you want to create cosiness, wallpaper four walls with the same design. It makes large or long rooms a bit smaller. Or cover your ceiling with another wallpaper. This is a playful transformation creating more intimacy.

3. Functionally beautiful

After you have determined your interior style and have taken a good look at the space, you should think about the type of wallpaper and the colour or print of your new wallpaper. This often depends on the function of the room you want to wallpaper.

Wallpaper in a playroom or children's room should not be too delicate and in a kitchen, washable wallpaper is an excellent choice. Combine function with aesthetics and choose vinyl wallpaper in these rooms, the top layer is easy to clean. All stains can be wiped off in a single movement and it also looks great because you can choose of many trendy designs!

Rooms you use on a daily basis may look a little more dynamic. That is why you score well in the playroom or kitchen with a witty, eye-catching print.

There is only one rule in the nursery: no rules! Do you dare to experiment? Mix 'n match with prints and patterns and choose from our own kids’ collection with ecological wallpaper!

In Zen areas, such as the bedroom, it is recommended to choose calm colours or patterns.

4. Wallpaper tips

Finally, small patterns are more subtle and therefore easier to combine. Large prints are ideal to create a dramatic effect.

From stone walls or designs with animals, flowers or leaves: these days lush designs are very trendy. Do not overdo it and make sure that the strips of patterned wallpaper match up well with each other. This way, the pattern displays a beautiful entity on your wall.

If you want to wallpaper a small room, you should not choose printed wallpaper, because that makes the room look even smaller. Choose wallpaper with light and plain colours to make your room visually larger.

Ready to start wallpapering?

Get inspired in our gallery, create a mood board and take it to a store near you.