Wallpaper a wall mural for a trendy new look

Get creative with wallpaper in your home: discover one roll, one motif!

A small DIY project with a big impact: what’s not to like? Wallpapering a wall mural creates a cosy corner in every home. Such as behind your bed or sofa, for example, or in a recess. The murals from GrandecoLife comprise 3 x 53cm-wide strips of wallpaper measuring 159 cm in total. These eye-catching vinyl wallpaper panels are a versatile way to give your room a unique and trendy new look. Get inspired:

Our black and white wallpaper provides playful and stylish tropical decoration in your home. The digital photo mural is Belgian design.

Our vinyl wallpaper with landscape print is an absolute eye catcher. The foggy forest valley with its green hues ensures an instant zen feeling in the house. With its standard width of 159 cm, the wallpaper is perfect as a mural in your house. 

Create a library in your own house with our photographic wallpaper. The quality vinyl wallpaper is both realistic and refined. It is the ideal spot in the home for any bookworm. 

A brick wall can provide cosiness too. Have a look at our digital wallpaper with a weathered brick design. Combine it with wood in the living room, white furniture in the bedroom, or go for an industrial look student room. 

Fancy making a big impact on your walls? You can repeat these eye-catching wall mural panels lengthways to your heart’s content, and even across entire walls.

Ready to get started with wallpaper? Watch our how-to video.