Think big with wallpaper!

The ultimate wallpaper tips to make your home feel more spacious

Using wallpaper is a great way to add a stylish finishing touch to a room, to give it a revamp or cosy things up. Not only does it look great, wallpaper also adds atmosphere to your home – but are you aware of all the functional benefits? The correct choice of wallpaper will actually make a room look bigger, wider and higher. Or bring in more light. Curious how this works? We have listed the ultimate wallpaper tips for you.

Wallpaper in light colours

Light colours on your walls will give a space a fresh and airy feel. They reflect the light and will optically enlarge a room. White, beige and grey wallpaper are ideal, or why not go for pastels? Do you prefer more of a pattern? In that case, opt for wallpaper with delicate patterns. Subtlety and repetition are key!

Wallpaper with light colours reflects the light and ensures your home feels light and airy.

Patterned wallpaper

You are wanting a bright, spacious room and have a definite penchant for patterned wallpaper? We might have to stop you right there… large patterns are an option, but only when alternated with even, unicolour sections. You will still end up with an eye-catcher and at the same time create a space with more depth – hence a more spacious feel, whilst still keeping things calm and relaxing.

If you like wallpaper with a large pattern, it is best to ease down on the rest of your interior.

Striped wallpaper

Striped wallpaper does exactly the same as clothing does: vertical stripes lengthen, horizontal stripes widen. Be sure to make the correct choice, based on the effect you have in mind, because ‘wallpaper makes or breaks a room’, right?

Vertical stripes make a room look higher; wallpaper with a wood pattern is an excellent idea.

If you want to make a small children’s room look wider, opt for horizontal stripes.

Textured and glossy wallpaper

A dash of glitter and gloss on your wall will make your room brighter, especially when the daylight hits the wall, since the sunlight is reflected and lights up the room. Textured wallpaper has the same effect as wallpaper with large patterns: embossed wallpaper evokes more depth and hence a feeling of space. Whether you wallpaper just one wall or go all the way with all-round glossy paper: you decide yourself how far you take the glam spam.  

Beige wallpaper with a golden glow is an excellent choice to create a light and spacious room.

Blue wallpaper

Blue is a wondrous colour, especially in interior design. Blue wallpaper evokes a sense of calm and enlarges a space. Did you know there actually is a link with the vast horizon, the endless sky and the deep sea? It’s magic!   

Blue wallpaper doesn’t only add a sense of calm, but also a feeling of more space.

Photo wallpaper

Next to wallpaper with light hues or subtle prints, photo wallpaper is an excellent way to make a room look bigger. Wallpaper with an image of a landscape fills a large space without making it feel smaller; especially when you use a 3D mural. Or how about wallpaper with an artistic abstract design? Your wallpaper in fact becomes the artwork in your room, without the need for all kinds of extra trinkets such as small photo frames. In a small room, you best stick to a single statement piece to make the space look higher. Keep your furniture subdued as well.

A landscape design on your wall allows you to dress a large space without making it feel smaller.