Bring some more maths into your interior!

If you think back to the maths classes from the past, not everyone will have overwhelmingly positive memories. Trigonometry and geometry weren't the most fun classes in school. Nonetheless, you find geometric shapes everywhere, like clothing, jewellery, … but also in interior design. Triangles, circles, squares and rectangles may be the simplest figures, they have an abundance of applications.

“Over the last ten years, we experienced a revival of Scandinavian living in the interior design world. This resulted in interiors with a fresh, clean look with white overtones and minimalistic principles. Sometimes the style is cheerful, but it can also – granted– come across as a little boring."​

It is time for change, more fun, more colour and especially more “maths” :-) The Inspiration Wall wallpaper collection contains all of these elements: colourful geometric patterns with a large fun factor. The ensemble was then doused in retro influences. The thrift store and second hand fanatics will find a great outlet here as well, because it really lends itself for integrating finds as well.

We would therefore like to mathematically introduce the highlights from the wallpaper collection:


¼ circles


Mishmash of geometric shapes

Get going with the Inspiration Wall wallpaper to introduce geometric shapes into your house.