The style guide for creating an interior with wabi-sabi wallpaper.

Looking to invite peace and authenticity into your home? Then our wabi-sabi wallpaper collection is for you!

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese interior design style that celebrates the beauty of imperfection and is increasingly popular in this digital age. Wallpapers in earthy tones and with the lifelike appearance of natural materials are perfectly in keeping with this interior trend that invites peace and authenticity into your home. Discover how to create a wabi-sabi interior in our style guide containing a selection of wallpapers with an organic and understated look. You're welcome!

1 / Keep it understated

Japanese interiors are simple and understated, and nothing illustrates this better than the wabi-sabi trend. To set the scene for your perfectly imperfect interior, opt for wallpaper with the appearance of a rough wall in one colour or the same colour tones. The wabi-sabi palette comprises warm weathered hues, from earth brown to every shade of grey.

2 / Choose natural materials

The wabi-sabi philosophy teaches us how to live in harmony. Wallpapers with the lifelike appearance of natural materials are perfectly in keeping with this trend. Wallpapers that lend your interior the rustic character of real wood and simultaneously create welcome warmth and tranquillity in this digital age.

3 / Create an organic look

Organic materials, including stone, are completely at home in a wabi-sabi interior. This strive for authenticity also embraces asymmetry. So, choose wallpaper with a lifelike cobble stone wall print and style it with a delicate flower or fragile porcelain to create a truly harmonious interior.

4 / Accentuate authenticity

Unironed towels, chipped crockery, an imperfect wall: keep it real is the wabi-sabi maxim. And that nonchalant, oh-so-authentic look can also be created using wallpaper. Combine with weathered wooden furniture for the ultimate zen effect or vintage design for the simplicity of a Scandinavian interior.

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