Get going with Paste the Wall Wallpaper

Get going with Paste the Wall Wallpaper

With Paste the Wall Wallpaper (also known as ‘dry hanging’), you apply adhesive to the wall instead of the wallpaper itself.

Traditional wallpaper expands when wet, which means you need to let it soak before you can start putting it up. Paste the Wall has been specially developed to not expand, which means you can apply it to the wall directly.

Always check the label of the wallpaper to see if you can find the ‘paste-to-wall’ icon.

We love paste-to-wall wallpaper, for these 4 reasons:


Novice wallpaperer? This wallpaper is perfect for you

If you've never worked with wallpaper, there is no easier way to learn than with Paste the Wall Wallpaper. It is easy to work with and weighs less, which means there is less chance of tearing!


Quicker and tidier

Paste the Wall Wallpaper doesn’t only save time, it also eliminates the wallpaper table from your house, keeping things much tidier... That’s a pretty nice benefit, right?


Easy to redecorate

Most Paste the Wall Wallpaper is strippable. This allows you to easily remove the entire wallpaper from the wall and redecorate.


Easier to wallpaper around outlets

Because there is no adhesive on your wallpaper, there is no more hassle to wallpaper around outlets. Let the wallpaper drape over your outlets or light switches and cut out the outlines.

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