The most fun ways to add geometry to your interior

Geometric shapes in your interior, there are all kinds of options. They provide a surprising effect in your interior and they allow you to avoid everything becoming too sleek and clean.

Floors are one of the most drastic changes to your interior, and they are a defining factor for the general look 'n feel of your interior. Everyone knows the classic patterned tiles, but you can also take a much more modern approach. Paint the floor in a geometric pattern or get to work with the back panels in your kitchen to brighten things up.

Another – less drastic – option is wallpaper with fun geometric shapes. Geometric shapes with small triangles, diamonds, … you name it! Wallpaper allows you to make the same statement as the floors, without big renovations. Another benefit: most of the wallpaper is strippable, which means you can remove the wallpaper without leaving marks. That way, you can quickly give your space a new look.

This wallpaper is part of the Inspiration Wall collection. Piece by piece playful patterns to add that extra touch to your interior.

Geometry doesn't always have to be applied on floors or walls. Sometimes, it's the details that count. From a duvet cover and flowerpots to a playful way of giving plants a space in your interior.