5 x fresh spring wallpaper with the colour green

Green stands for nature and renewal. The colour brings your home to life and lets your interior radiate. And that is exactly what we need at the start of spring. Discover 5 x surprising green wallpapers!

Natural green

Natural elements are probably the most obvious option to incorporate a bit of green in your interior, but not less boring because of it. The Capri Tropical wallpaper from the Myriad collection has fresh leaves painted in watercolours.

Capri Tropical - #MY2204

A weathered mustard-green wallpaper

This Tempera wallpaper has a weather-beaten effect and is totally on-trend thanks to the Wabi Sabi trend. In this interior, we combined the mustard-green wallpaper with lots of white. This colour combination is a definite recommendation, because the two colours make the room seem bigger.

Tempera - #EP3001

Playful wallpaper with triangles

This wall decoration combines the best of both worlds: the playfulness of the geometry and the calming effect of the colour green. The Lisette wallpaper from the retro wallpaper collection Inspiration Wall is the perfect wallpaper for a fresh and rugged teenage room.

Lisette - #IW3003

Soft pastel green on your wall

The Sequoia uni wallpaper from More Textures proves that green doesn't always have to be bright green. The very light – almost grey – green matches perfectly with the rich brown shades of the seat and floor. It gives your interior an elegant look.

Sequoia - #MO1601

Fresh green on your ceiling

If you think of wallpaper, you often think about the four walls. Move away from that and get started on your ceiling. A tinted ceiling can give a calming effect to your room and is perfect for any bedroom. By putting wallpaper on your ceiling, you literally transform your ceiling into the highlight of your interior.

Meron - #IW2203

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