Enjoy sun, sea and beach at home with maritime wallpaper.

Looking for an interior that makes you dream of sun, sea and beach? Then go for maritime wallpaper. From motifs in sandy and blue tones to weathered wood designs, they all add a relaxed beach feeling to your home. Get your cocktail ready!

Create a timeless, maritime look and choose wallpaper with blue and white accents and natural materials.

Nothing says ‘beach, please!’ more than a plain sandy design. The wallpaper is timeless, brings a relaxed atmosphere to your home and is ideal in combination with your travel souvenirs.

The maritime theme is a welcome guest in the nursery wall as well. The wallpaper with its playful blue stripes is timeless and lovely at the same time.

The Grandeco-team created a harmonious marriage between the Scandinavian and maritime themes with a wallpaper featuring a zigzag motif that bobs along with the waves of the sea.

Put on your snorkel mask, because this wallpaper brings the underwater world to your wall. The wallpaper shows off the most beautiful corals in brown and green hues, creating a special atmosphere in the house.

'Freno' is an abstract ballpoint pen drawing of beach cabins. The wallpaper is a stylish, artistic eye-catcher that blends in beautifully with a boho chic interior.

The Boden wallpaper motif is the pinnacle of cosiness. You are immediately transported to a house on the beach. The geometric, weathered plank motif is as charming as it is contemporary.

Do you want to feel the sand between your toes? Then go for a lifelike design of a weathered plank pattern. This rustic wallpaper calls for a quiet interior. The Scandinavian vintage style is a good match!

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Wondering whether maritime wallpaper is the proper match to bring your favourite holiday feeling to your home?