Enjoy city & culture in your home with urban and ethnic wallpaper

Fortunately, there is an alternative for those who have to miss out on their favourite holiday with an unforgettable skyline, charming villages or ancient cultures this stay-at-home summer. As an incorrigible city & culture fan, put up wallpaper in your home to create an urban or ethnic interior. Think old, weathered wall designs, photographic wallpaper of The Big Apple or vinyl wallpaper with oriental motifs. This way, home feels a bit like traveling.

Pimp your dining room with an image of The Big Apple's skyline. This digital mural is an absolute eye-catcher in any urban interior.

Create an urban interior with our New York photographic wallpaper. The wallpaper shows a patchwork of hot spots and does particularly well to set the mood in the living room or student room.

Graffiti in your home? Certainly, but with graffiti wallpaper. The photographic wallpaper with a concrete look and graffiti print is a nod to urban street art and a cool decoration for the teenage room.

The Grandeco team drew inspiration for this wallpaper straight from the streets of your favourite city. With the old, weathered wall design you create an authentic loft style in your home.

Looking to integrate oriental culture with its rich motifs into your interior? Then choose this wallpaper with a light pink, geometric motif from the Myriad collection and match it with colourful interior accents.

This wallpaper with a sophisticated Kazue motif is inspired by the Middle East. The special, two-tone design combines beautifully with larger prints.

Dare to go all out with the striking Shibori motif. The wallpaper is inspired by a traditional colour technique and is currently very trendy as a feature wall.

Be sure to have a look at our other wallpaper motifs.

Wondering whether urban and ethnic wallpaper is the right match to bring your favourite holiday feeling to your home?