Be inspired by these dark walls

Over the last ten years, we experienced a revival of Scandinavian interior design. This led to interiors with a fresh and clean look, with white as their dominant colour and minimalist principles. Sometimes the style is cheerful, but it can also – admittedly – come across as a little boring.

Dramatic dark hues to colour your walls in autumn 2018. It's the new deco trend, and rightfully so! A dark wall guarantees a luxurious and intimate effect while assuring bright colours and accessories stand out even more.

Wallpaper is an easy way to apply a dark tint to your walls. Coverage is perfect from the go. And if you feel like redecorating after a while, the paste-to-wall wallpaper is easy to remove, without any kind of residue. You can also choose to enrich your wall with a warm texture or subtle motif.

Deco tip: provide ample light when choosing dark walls as a base. If you don't, the whole might look quite bleak.

What do you think of these dark wallpapers?