7 fabulous leaf and plant-inspired wall designs

Tropical wallpaper designs have been a steady trend for a while now, and we still can’t get enough of them! Decorating with these exuberant designs is a super easy (and quick) way to etch out your own little corner of paradise. Scroll down quickly for the most beautiful leaf and nature-inspired wall wallpaper.

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Create a tropical feature wall with our Palm Fever Wallpaper. This mural wallpaper has it all! Large, elegant palm leaves line your wall. The teal base colour matches perfectly with dark shades of wood.

Monkeys on the loose! Monkey Puzzle is the name of this beautiful botanical monkey jungle wallpaper designed by Grandeco. 

We love this interior! The light floor and curtains, combined with the rattan furniture and the leafy yellow toucan wallpaper radiate unity.

Time for an outlier. You don't always have to work with a leaf motif to get the tropical feeling in your home. This geometric wallpaper is the Kerala Trellis wallpaper from the Myriad collection and combines very nice with XL indoor plants. This wallpaper motif is derived from an authentic Indian motif. This type of motif is often found in Asian interiors.

Beautiful tropical palm leaf wallpaper to give an entirely tropical look to the walls of your room, enhanced with soft metallic detailing.

Turn your walls into an eye-catcher with this naive-drawn banana leaf wallpaper. Thanks to the use of monochrome colours, this wallpaper has a very calming effect and is the ideal wallpaper pattern for the bedroom.

Paradiso is a colourful photographic wallpaper. On this tropical wall, you’ll find wild pink orchids with monster leaves.

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