5 different ways to hang wallpaper: from accent wall to ceiling

Should you wallpaper all four walls, a thin strip, your entire ceiling or only the inside of that vintage cabinet? Vinyl wallpaper presents countless options for your next wallpapering project, which can make it difficult to choose. Much depends on your room and the effect that you wish to create. We list the various options below.

1 / The subtle ambience creator: wallpaper all four walls
Wallpaper all four walls if you wish to create a cocoon of intimacy and reflect a consistent style throughout the room.

Nice to know: wallpapering all four walls is also a sustainable option, because vinyl wallpaper protects and keeps your walls scratch-free. Papering the entire room with a single unicolor is therefore an excellent choice.



2 / The bold statement maker: wallpaper an accent wall
Wallpapering an accent wall subtly changes the entire ambience of your interior. For instance, you can visually reduce the size of a room by wallpapering an accent wall in the background, expand it with an accent on the side walls or make it more intimate with two darker accents on opposing walls.

Our tip: Select a striking motif wallpaper or plump for a wall mural. Grandeco wall murals benefit from a standard width that can be seamlessly repeated as desired.


3 / The striking eyecatcher: wallpaper an item of furniture or small nook in your home
Wallpaper items of furniture or small nooks for a small project with a big impact on your interior. Choose a vibrant motif, hang quickly and effortlessly using vinyl wallpaper and instantly upcycle your vintage cabinet or transform that forgotten corner into a genuine eyecatcher.


4 / Wallpaper a wall mural for a trendy look
Create an inviting corner by wallpapering a wall mural on the wall behind your bed or favourite armchair for example. Such a well-defined strip of vinyl wallpaper is an extremely flexible way of lending your room a unique and trendy look.


5 / Add personality to your home: wallpaper your ceiling
It might be a less obvious option, but you can also wallpaper your ceiling. A cool colour or striking design lends a dramatic finishing touch that has you continually looking to the heavens. So, it’s a loud YAY for that fifth wall, which adds a welcome splash of personality to your interior.